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November 1, 2019

Version 2.404 of Dentist Assistance 2 (DA2) is released.

March 7, 2019

Version 2.384 of Dentist Assistance 2 (DA2) is released.

August 27, 2018

Support of USPExpress .NET CFE products is discontinued.

Technical applications

Unisoft Plus has gained wide experience in different types of technical applications such as simulators and data acquisition/process control software.
A scientific simulator consists typically of two main parts, the front-end (GUI) and the calculation core. Unisoft Plus has developed both, the GUI and the calculation part for several scientific projects as well as only the GUI part for other projects. In the latter case the calculation core for a given technical application was either the customer's existing in-house software or the software developed by a third party.

Examples of technical applications:

  • Data Acquisition from Experimental Apparatus
    Installed at a research organization in Russia, this data acquisition software facilitates adjusting / assigning experimental conditions, testing and tuning control devices and manual or automated polling of selected units.
  • Pressure Relief System Design
    This software, developed for a leading gases and chemical company in the USA, performs pressure relief demand calculations to assist in satisfying plant safety requirements. This application helps assure consistent implementation of an organization’s safety standards.
  • Expert-like Software for Design of Experiments
    The component-based multi-tiered application was developed for a Fortune 500 chemical company based in the USA. The application helps researchers develop experimental plans using modern statistical methodologies.
  • Technical Simulators for Scientific/Engineering Analysis
    A number of applications have been developed for the chemical process and computer industries. Two examples are:
    • Dynamic simulation of chemical processes for a company in the USA
    • Study of melted metal drop behavior for a computer vendor, also in the USA
    All of these applications include a pre-processor for entering data, a computational engine and a post-processor for data visualization.
  • Modeling Chemical Kinetics for Reactor Engineering
    This application was developed for a major chemical company in the USA. It provides a range of options for developing kinetic experimental designs, completing reactor simulations, and completing risk analyses.