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"My company, BicyclingWorld.com has had over a decade long relationship with Unisoft plus. I use the word “relationship” for many reasons. First, as a professional company, Unisoft plus has exceeded all expectations from development, programming and trouble shooting. Additionally, life begin what it is, I am now the sole decision maker for this company. I must admit I was petrified to be put in this position. I am a novice when it comes to anything with the computer. However, Unisoft plus has gently held my hand getting me up to speed. Not knowing what is trivial and what is important, I have been encouraged by Unisoft plus to ask any questions which they always answer respectful and timely. Nothing is too difficult nor too inconsequential for them to answer. A relationship is what you get when you do business with Unisoft plus."

Dina Hayduk
Chief Executive Officer

"As a stock brokerage firm, we are usually engaged in a multitude of various development projects. We simply can not staff enough people to handle all the various projects we have going on at any one time, nor can we ensure possession of the exact skill sets required for some parts of many of our projects. Unisoft has done a tremendous job handling many areas of our development needs. The quality of their work was excellent; they were punctual and cost effective. We will most assuredly be using them for additional projects."

Steven Goldman
Chief Executive Officer
Trade Manage Capital, Inc.

"Наша поликлиника обслуживает около 600 пациентов в день. Поддержка актуальности информации об оказанных нами услугах представляла серьезную проблему. Мы привлекли «Юнисофт плюс» к ее решению, и им удалось создать программную систему, полностью отвечающую нашим требованиям. В настоящее время мы используем второе поколение этой системы, которая позволяет нам интегрировать данные о нашей клинической, финансовой и административной деятельности."

Нина Ивановна Сысолятина
Главный врач Стоматологической
Поликлиники №1, г.Новосибирск

"Our company internet website concept and realization was made by Unisoft in year 2000. The response from our customers is very positive and it is now 10 years that Unisoft is servicing our website to our best satisfaction. Any modifications are made in a very speedy, cost effective and dilligent manner."

Jean-Pierre Stalder
Turbotect Ltd.